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Sudan J. Vet. Res. (2013) 28
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Sudan J. Vet. Res. (88-89) 8
Sudan J. Vet. Res. (186-87) 7
Sudan J. Vet. Res. (1984-85) 6
Sudan J. Vet. Res. (1983) 5
Sudan J. Vet. Res. (1982) 4
Sudan J. Vet. Res. (1981) 3
Sudan J. Vet. Res. (1980) 2
Sudan J. Vet. Res. (1979) 1

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The Sudan Journal of Veterinary Research (Sudan J.Vet. Res.) is an annual publication for the advancement of animal health published by the Central Veterinary Research Laboratories Centre. The Journal accepts articles that conform to its scope and editorial standards. The scope encompasses various disciplines of veterinary sciences, and related clinical subjects that are of interest to veterinarians and other professionals or any materials compatible with the theme of the journal.
The Journal will publish original research articles, review articles, authors reply, short communications, case reports, clinical cases, research notes, a letter to the editors, commentaries, book reviews in all fields of science, PhD thesis abstracts, society news and matters pertaining to animal health and animal sciences. Abstracts and proceedings of conferences, workshops and scientific sessions will also be considered for publication.
Papers are considered for publication on the understanding that they have not been published before or shall not be submitted for publication elsewhere.
Materials for publication should always be typed with double spacing and a wide margin on all sides and sent in duplicate.
Title page: The first page should carry the full title of the paper, the authors' names without professional degrees, the name and location of the institute where the authors have conducted the research, and a short title for use as a running head.
The first and last names of a female author should be printed in full spelling. 
Subdivision of articles into an Arabic and English Summaries, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements and References is required.
References: Name of authors should be mentioned in the text with the year of publication in brackets. Reference should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper as follows: Majid, A. A.; Hussein; M. F. and Taylor, M. G. (1983). Res. Vet. Sci., 35 (1): 120–124.
References to book should include: Authors name, year of Publication, title of book, editor(s), edition, publisher(s), place of publication and pages.
For abbreviations the World List of Scientific Periodicals should be consulted. Illustrations and diagrams should be on separate sheets and should be referred to as figures and numbered in Arabic (1, 2, 3….etc).
Tables must always be self-explanatory. Notes and brief short communications should contain firm data. Observations are not accepted. Authors should consult (observe) a recent issue of the journal for the type of articles to be submitted.
Short communications do not have sub-headings and may be any suitable subject that does not warrant a full paper. They must not exceed three printed pages, including illustrations, tables and references.
Manuscript submission:
Manuscript must be submitted in duplicate and must be written in English, on good quality A4 paper. A written original manuscript accompanied with an electronic version CD should be sent to: The secretary of the Editorial Board, Sudan Journal of Veterinary Research. P. O. Box: 8067 (El Amarat) Khartoum, Sudan      
All papers will be reviewed and accepted subject to minor editorial Desk revision if considered necessary. No reasons will be given in case of non-acceptance of articles.
One journal issue will be sent free of charge irrespective of the number of authors. Orders  for extra issues should be made on receipt of letter of acceptance.
Articles published in this journal should not be reported in any form without permission of the Editor-in-Chief.


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